Home Practice

If I know I only have 15 minutes I go right into it. Sun Salutes to get the prana flowing, to decongest and remove the cobwebs. Its all about the breath, I know this, and can feel the the breath lift the foggy feeling. By the time I complete my third Surya Namaskar( Sun Salutation) A I feel warmed up and ready for more. I love playing in my body, but dont always have an hour to spare for a class. Life is busy, especially now with Satya Mar (my 9 month old) and  because of her I feel a new drive to succeed in life. The to do list is endless…but I know ” No Yoga. No Peace”.  I also know that if I dont get a home practice in, at least 3 days a week, I loose my stability. It is during my home practice that I can really listen and arrive at a deeper connection inwards. It is during my home ptractice that I feel the greatest shift and the most release. I love practicing in a Yoga Studio with te collective energy of the sangha-community. However, in my own practice I move much slower. I can breathe more deliberately and weave the prana-(vital energy) more efficiently into the congested spots. I am crooked. Deeply wonky and well lived. My injuries are numerous and thanks to Yoga my pain is managed. I feel my practice has shifted, now that I am a mother my patterns of tension reflect the hours and hours of nursing every day for 9 months now. We co-sleep and she binges at night, which means sleeping in a wonky position. I need my 15 minutes, and if possible I take an inversion and a backbend to fuel my day with high vibes. I feel the inversion gives me super powers and my master endocrine glands get dialed in. Every bodily function is balanced by these master glands. I love the way the Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel pose) feels at the end of my practice. It makes my savasana so tingly…so special. Always time for savasana, it can be as short as 10 breaths or if timing is right with the tiny one, it can be a nap time Yoga Nidra. Life is busy, and full of daily tasks, and without my Yoga I wobble rather than steadily take steps in the direction of my dreams, my goals For all beings, I practice Yoga for myself and for all beings. Thank you for reading. Namaste.

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