Surya Namaskar

I can’t help but feel, there is a sacred geometry in everything…and…’s all meant to be! It is no coinscidence that the Sun just happens to be the perfect distance from our sweet planet to give us a life sustaining warmth and nourishment. When I consider that all that we eat is permeating with the life force of the Sun-Surya. It amazes me to consider the counterpart and the beautiful balance that the Sun & Moon create. Our Yoga Asana system comes from these two incredible sources of Energy, Surya (Sun) and Chandra (Moon). The sun is the Center of our Solar System and is the Light that ignites our planet. Consider the connection to the Salute, this ancient Ritual that honors Surya- the light, the heat, the prana, the warmth, the nourishment, the blessings of abundance……I feel like every Sun Salute is a sacred moment to practice mindfullness and focus with intention. Wether its a bowing in Gratitude or in Forgiveness…every Salute is a bowing to the light. To the blessings in all the shapes and sizes… the form of light and shadow. Om