Testimonials from graduates from Yoga Teacher Training 2022

Ana has always been one of my favorite yoga teachers so I jumped at the chance to participate in her 200 hour teacher training. It did not disappoint. I looked forward to each class and was excited to see what we would we be focusing on for each session. Ana introduced me to the yoga sutras and chanting, which opened my mind to whole universe I didn’t appreciate before. Her years of experience, love of the practice and generosity gave me the intro into yoga immersion I was looking for and the enthusiasm to be a lifetime learner. Michelle V.

Ana is a very knowledgeable and humble teacher. Her teacher training was a life changing experience that impacted me in such a positive way. I would recommend this YTT to those who want to expand their knowledge on the 8 limbs of yoga and feel inspired to continue their yoga journey. I am very grateful for this experience and look forward to taking her 300 YTT! 🙂
Kristina Holm “Styna”

Ana’s YTT has helped me discover who I am. It has taught me balance and the importance of effort and ease in my every day. Practicing and learning through her teachings has been so enjoyable, so impactful in my life. I feel I am more grounded and calm; I feel I can take on life’s challenges and work through them mindfully. The journey through this training has been fun and full of love. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and loved throughout.

The light and love Ana shares in this world is contagious and it is so clear in her teachings. Everyone would benefit being in her presence – especially learning from her and taking her teacher training! Even if one doesn’t want to become a teacher but deepen their practice and enhance their life skills.

The journey with Ana is endless, but I feel so grateful to have had this opportunity to spend time with her and learn from her and her teachers. I plan to continue to share the lineage of knowledge to help others heal and grow 

Thank you Ana, thank you to all our teachers 



Ana McCabe is a gift to the Ventura yoga community. After having completed her 200-hr yoga teacher training, I can say that I have been steeped in yoga philosophy, great insight, and unwavering support and encouragement. She provides the tools that so many of us yoga students crave – those of philosophy, chanting, and community-building. We explored the fundamentals of yoga, including but not limited to: asana, breath work, chanting, history, philosophy, anatomy, and psychology. We were gently pushed out of our comfort zones, encouraged always to walk in courage, vulnerability, and balance. After taking Ana’s 200-hr yoga teacher training, I am feeling prepared to continue learning and practicing while I step into the role of guiding others. Fun, challenging, and thought-provoking! Grateful is an understatement. Thank you, Ana McCabe!–
Jasmin Byrd

 I can’t thank Ana enough for her presence as a Yoga Teacher and mentor. She has been infusing us with the beautiful teachings of yoga staying close and reverent to the tradition, passing down to us wisdom of those who have walk the path before us. Ana keeps it real and grounded yet beautiful and luminous. She incorporates chants and mantras with the harmonium which brings a little extra healing to the heart and connectedness to the community and the teachings. This has been a transformative journey taking a few more steps on the path of a life long learning. »Héloïse G.